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What would you do?

At the moment I'm reading the novel "Mercy" from Jodi Picoult. It's about Jamie, who killed his wife Maggie because she asked him to. She had cancer and has been suffering very much for the last few years. That's why she didn't want to live any longer. After the murderer Jamie was send to prison.

Jamie must have loved Maggie very much. He hadn't thougt about what would happen to him after his wife's death.

I couldn't kill someone I love, neither if he/she is suffering very much (and I could stop the pains) and he/she would ask me to. I'm a little bit to selfish for that. It doesn't matter how much a person is suffering, I would always think that I don't want to live without him/her and would do everythink that he/she stays alive as long as possible. Besides, I would be punished by killing somebody.

But if I had killed someone I love that much I would kill myself, too. Because I wouldn't want to live any longer without that person. And I don't understand why Jamie didn't do so because his life is miserable without his wife.

What would you do for someone you love? Would you kill?

>> very interesting book! 

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