Meine wirren Gedanken

Everybody loves Penneys <3

(Please tell me if I'm wrong)

As I told you already, my parents and my small brother Andre visitet me last week. Of course, I had to bring them into Penneys (because they should bye me many clothes).

We spend there nearly three hours, paid 200 Euro and went out with four big bags!

My mother rang me yesterday and told me that I should bye more t-shirts and jumpers for my other brother. I think she's also addicted to Penneys now. Next time we want to come with the ferry. Then we can bye more stuff because we can bring as much as we can and not only 15 kg (fucking Ryanair!).

I will go to Penneys on Saturday (the last time for this year!!!)  

14.6.07 10:53


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